Not All Who Wander

Expect the Unexpected. Life is a journey that can take us all over the world and within ourselves. Ethan was fortunate to have seen much of the world by high-school and hasn’t stopped exploring. The LA times captured one of his adventures at a young age "I'm taking so much in here," Taub wrote, "that my mind is about to blow."

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He believes the mind constructs this grand illusion of self. There is no difference between what’s inside and what’s on the outside. It’s a state of non-duality always. Once you tune in to this awareness then every place takes on a charm for the moment. Only when one realizes and practices mindfulness does that knowing that we are all emptiness set the stage for a larger awareness. In this emptiness there is a calling that we are all one. Ultimately, a place where love is all there is, was and will ever be. We must appreciate the air we breathe, the water we drink and to the truth to the knowing that you and I are just the same.