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Ethan Says

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"I would say the thing that matters most is to follow your vision. Enough money shows up to make it happen. I literally took dozens of business loans and eventually paid them off to build my company. I don't suggest following that path, but I do understand the value of a loan."


"A born Liberal Democrat until I die, never had a Republican thought until I tried to create a different kind of business for America. Even this isn’t enough to change my position and there are miles to go."



"The law and regulation may not always protect you like it should. I would say the key is the lessons no matter what the outcome. I learned what to do from seeing people doing what not to do. It’s a very good thing for society to have rules regardless of the end justice"


"Love and money are married with children. Earning Money is a respectful action for those you love."



"It's terrible what industries can do for the world. It's incredible what industries can do for the world. Sustainable. Be happy."

"Compounding interest when borrowing is a mathematical mind melt and all those we care about should understand it."



"Investors are like Casinos. There is a reason the house wins. In my view, raising money should be a have to move for most entrepreneurs and when you have to thank them, then grow together!"

“There is no way that the payment gateways that control the flow of money through the backend networks are going to coordinate to make financial transactions easier and in one place without a major shift in how a consumer interacts. If you want to make financial affairs more centralized and therefore better for consumers you have to unify the field from the front first.”