Finance Unified

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Ethan Taub is the creator of the Unified Financial Quadrant System (UFQS), unlocking Lending (I), Credit  (II), Money (III) and Real Estate (IV). The market for OfferEDGE® is 250mm U.S. adults and millions of professionals.

One log-in across the financial world harmoniously comes together for something different, something more powerful. Each quadrant (I-IV) connects through a Single-Sign On to centralize adoption for both the business and consumer who conducts financial affairs. Set up an EDGE ID through any store or directly through the central store. Your EDGE ID is the account you use to access offers like the Loanry Store, Creditry Store, Accury Store and more. You can sign into all EDGE offers with a single EDGE ID and password. Together, businesses and consumers form a vibrant marketplace, designed with consumer experience and growth for the industry as top priorities.

He is the founder and Chief EDGE Officer of OfferEDGE, Inc. Loanry LLC, Cashry, LLC, LenderEDGE, LLC and accuRATE, LLC. He invests millions on brand, user experience and innovation. Ethan's mission helps consumers make smarter decisions through the Unified Financial Quadrant System (UFQS). The entire financial you comes together in amazing ways. 


Before OfferEDGE, Ethan Taub spent a decade developing some of the world’s largest online marketing programs for global 100 enterprises contributing annual revenues of over $23 million in new revenue and ran communities exceeding 600 sales professionals when he lived in the Silicon Valley. In 2008, Ethan became a C-level executive and invested seven figures in a patented platform that makes the financial world interactive. Later in 2013, he continued his track record of success by becoming the CMO for one of the nation’s largest lenders with over 2000 employees funding billions in loans each year.